The Monterey County Sports Club is located in the beautiful and prominent area of Monterey County and remains a top-tier club for sports with a family-friendly environment. We want to provide you with a balanced and encouraging club experience to help you achieve your sporting desires. We are a multisports club, currently offering soccer activities by a professional and cordial staff. We offer youth, adult, and team memberships. We are the club  you and your family have been looking for to enhance and enjoy a sporting lifestyle.

Our Mascot:


The Monterey County Sports Club's mascot is the goat, a native animal to the region and known for its small stature, fierce demeanor, and legendary survival instincts. It's crafty, smart, and doesn't back down, creating its own path to thrive, all values embedded in the culture of the Monterey County Sports Club. Club nicknames include: The goats, or MCSC, will be used as a secondary reference to the club in body text, or as primary reference in headlines and graphics.

Our Colors:



Red symbolizes strength, determination, and energy.


White symbolizes goodness, innocence, and purity.


Blue symbolizes stability, trust, and confidence.

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